Resource Links


Alternative Photographic Process FAQ introduces the novice to the field of alternative photographic processes.
Archive of Alt-Photo-Process Mailing List is a data base of all messages submitted to the list since 1994.
Artcraft Chemicals, Inc. is an excellent supplier of fine chemicals and I highly recommend this company.
SIRI MSDS Index is a data base of Material Safety Data Sheets which summarize chemical hazards and protective measures required for safe handling and storage of chemicals.


Ebony make a full range of very fine medium-format and large-format cameras. I own the SV45TE.
Large Format Photography is an excellent source of information and also maintains a searchable directory of photographers.


A Few Scanning Tips offers basic scanning information to help you get the most from your scanner.
Sullivan's Online Scanning Resources has much information on scanning.


Desktop Background Images provides free desktop background images including antique maps, prints and camera catalogs.
Eric's Place, developed by Eric Pence, is a great source of information about a variety of topics, especially music and computers.
Leslie O'Shaughnessy Studios has links to sites dealing with every imaginable aspect of photography.


Art & Design online has an extensive database and allows direct access to top of the line Artists and Designers from around the world. Free listings! - Arts Directory is trying to build a comprehensive web directory. - Arts Directory is a comprehensive web directory of artists.
FreePhotoGallery is a non-profit independent project promoting the art and science of photography through providing free listing for quality photography sites and making more visible the high quality fine art photography sites to the worldwide community. is a listing of over 3600 quality photographic sites chosen by Juergen Stumpe. is an online community for photographers where you can register and share your best work, discuss photography, explore galleries and learn more about the art of photography.


Artcraft Chemicals, Inc. is an excellent supplier of fine chemicals and I highly recommend this company.
Bostick & Sullivan carries supplies for alternate processes and is a great source of information.
Calumet Photographic has a large selection of photographic supplies and a very knowledgeable staff.
Daniel Smith carries numerous papers used in alternate process printing.
Freestyle Photo Supplies is the best place to buy lith film for making enlarged negatives.
Frugal Photographer sells Bluefire™ Police high-resolution film and chemicals.
Light Impressions supplies materials for framing and archival storage.
Michael & established by Michael E. Smith and Paula Chamlee offer a replacement paper for Azo.
Showa Chemical is a Tokyo company that features an excellent online chemical data base in English and Japanese.
Yodobashi Camera is a large chain of camera stores in the Tokyo area with reasonable prices and good service.


The Alchemist's Place is operated by Japanese fine art photographer, Masayuki Nishimaru, and is a good source of information on alternate process photography in Japan.
PhotoGuide Japan was established in 1996 by professional photographer, Phil Ono, and is a tremendous source of information about all aspects of photography in Japan.