Wynn White is an American fine art black and white photographer and printer with over thirty years of experience. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Japan and in the United States. White learned his craft by viewing the work of others in museums and galleries and through trial and error in the field and in his darkroom. Wynn purchased his first camera to take along on his inaugural journey to Japan while with the US Navy in 1970. He has been deeply involved in photography and Japan ever since. For the past 20 years White has made his home in Chiba, Japan where he has his studio and darkroom.

     White does all of his own gelatin-silver processing and printing, getting his hands involved in every step of the process. He also uses various historic techniques of printing, including salt, cyanotype, Vandyke, argyrotype and platinum/palladium. Recently he has become involved in digital photography, enjoying the great image control that is possible through the use of the computer.